Getting Started


  • After you signed in, click the New Task button on the top-left.

    You can assign a task to yourself or other project members.

    Anyone in the project can see and edit this task. So please take one more look at the project field in the form, to avoid putting the task among wrong people.

    TaskAnt Tour Creating Task


  • When you decided who is responsible for the task, select him/her in the assign to field. So that he/she can check the task in the Inbox.

    If selected Nobody, you can still find it in your From Me box.

    If selected All project members, every one can see it in every Inbox. (Any one got it done, it's done. Because it's only ONE task.)

    The assignment information can also be added or changed later.

    TaskAnt Tour Assignment


  • A task's final status can be "Done", "Cancelled", or "Merged".

    Checking the checkbox in front of a task will get it done.

    Click Cancel in "More" to cancel it (not delete it).

    Click Merge and enter another task number will merge the two.

    Done/Cancelled/Merged tasks won't show in inboxes.

    TaskAnt Tour Done/Cancel/Merge


  • Project is project in the real world. Every task should belong to a project in TaskAnt.

    Projects are under access control. That means only members can see/create/edit/assign tasks in the project. And they are equal. But, yes, only admins can create project and choose people.

    After project closed in the real world, you should set it to Inactive to make it read-only.

    TaskAnt Tour Project


  • Browsing and searching are easy and fast in TaskAnt.

    The basic way: Click Browse next to the search field to pulldown the browser view.

    The advanced way: Direct type search expression (like "to:brian in:XMind pri:3 #bug") in the search field and press enter. TaskAnt will give you all tasks which are assigned to Brian, in project "XMind", labeled as highest priority and contains "#bug" in text.

    TaskAnt Tour Browse/Search


  • Smartlists are your saved search. Click Save as Smartlist, on the right side of search field, to create a new smartlist in the left sidebar.

    In previous example ("to:brian in:XMind pri:3 #bug"), you can name the smartlist "Brian's huge bugs in XMind".

    P.S. Smartlists are also templates! Click any smartlist then click New Task, and you'll know!

    TaskAnt Tour Smartlist