Spotlight On: Fashion Nova’s Instagram

Let’s Check Out Fashion Nova’s Instagram

How many brands out there that you know of have more than 15 million followers? Fashion Nova has grown in leaps and bounds on Instagram over the last few years, and they have managed to become wildly successful. So, what’s their secret?

We’re going to take a little sneak peek into the world of Fashion Nova, and check out what makes this brand such an Instagram winner. Let’s check them out.

They Put the Focus on Their Followers

The team behind Fashion Nova decide to completely embrace social media, and they used Instagram to help grow awareness around their brand. What are most people on Instagram attempting to do? Grow a following. Therefore, Fashion Nova encouraged their followers to post photos of them in their clothes, and tag them in the posts.

They even gave their followers specific instructions on what to put in their captions. They asked them to include the Fashion Nova hashtag, so that they could then be featured on their feed.

What’s interesting is that Fashion Nova’s Instagram doesn’t just include the user who has featured their clothes by tagging them. They make sure to give them a shoutout. This makes their followers feel valued. They are being seen by everyone else who is a fan of Fashion Nova.

How Does this Help Fashion Nova?

This arrangement is a win-win. It provides FN with free content for their Instagram feed, but it also raises awareness of their brand, because followers everywhere are including them in their captions. This means that everyone who is new to FN is learning about it through follower’s posts. The more people seeing their content, the bigger their fanbase grows.

This arrangement also benefits FN’s followers. It gives them an opportunity to gain their own followers by being featured on a high-traffic feed. You never know who is going to see that post, and will want to check out your profile as a result.

What Can You Learn from This?

If you are trying to grow your Instagram business profile, then you definitely need to be writing this stuff down. By encouraging the people who follow you to interact with you, you are gaining free opportunities to plug your product. Once this content has been created, you can share it with your followers. It’s an extremely affordable way to grow your profile.

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The Inclusive and Diverse World of Fashion Nova

The thing about Fashion Nova is that they include all shapes and sizes out there in their feed, making them super inclusive and diverse.

They consistently feature plus-size models on their feed.

They also make sure to include models of all races and ethnic backgrounds.

Another thing that they love to do is showcase two people with different body types in the same outfit. This is helpful for consumers as well, as they can see what their outfits look like on two different people.

Whether it’s jeans or a dress, it’s nice to see a clothing item on different body types. Shopping online for clothes can be a stressful process, and Fashion Nova has managed to find a way to make it easier for customers who are trying to find something that they think is going to look good on their body. It doesn’t matter what you look like, you will be able to find something that fits you perfectly at Fashion Nova.

Fashion Nova Loves Celebrities Too

Fashion Nova has gotten so big that they have even garnered attention from celebrities, like the Kardashians. With big names wearing the label, they are gaining a huge amount of credibility and recognition. As you can see below, Kylie Jenner has even plugged Fashion Nova.

Final Thoughts

From interacting with their followers and embracing all shapes and sizes, Fashion Nova has pretty much written the textbook on how to be successful on Instagram. They’ve got a thriving business thanks to their Instagram feed and their followers, and they are currently making all the right moves.

If you are hoping to increase the success of your Instagram page, definitely take a leaf out of their book. Make sure that you make your followers feel valued, and special. If you need an extra boost right now too, don’t be afraid to check out our features here at Task Ant as well. Good luck!