How to Center Your Instagram Bio

How to Center Your Instagram Bio

The longer you are on Instagram, the more you realize how certain elements are essential to your profile’s growth, and others aren’t as much. One element of your Instagram profile that is important and relevant to the growth of your account is your bio.

The trouble is, your bio is limited to just 150 characters, yet it is one of the first things that people see when they visit your page. This means that you’ve got just one chance to impress them, and to convince them to follow you.

Instagram is now used by millions of people every day, which means that you’ve got to get creative to make your bio stand out.

A relatively new technique that people are starting to use to increase the visual appeal of their bio and really make it stand out is to center the bio text.

All this means is that you insert spaces on each line so that the overall effect results in making your bio look centered on the screen when someone visits your profile.

Microsoft Word includes a feature that allows you to automatically center text. However, Instagram does not.

Don’t worry though; centering your bio is easier than you might think, which we will talk about in the article below.

Instagram Bio

When you are coming up with ideas for your bio, one helpful tool is the character count that you will see in the lower right-hand corner of the text box. This will show you how many characters you have used up, so that you can plan accordingly.

As you can see in the screenshot we have inserted above, we’re down to just a couple of characters. Centering your bio is going to shorten your message even further, as the spaces that you used to format your bio count against your character limit.

However, for marketing purposes, we think that it’s worth it.

How to Center Your Bio

The good news is that editing your bio is simple. First, click on the head-and-shoulders icon that you’ll see on your home page. Next, select ‘edit profile’. Instagram only offers its users a plain text box when typing their bio – it doesn’t come with any bonus features.

This should be on your screen. Once you have typed out your bio, select the check mark that you’ll see in the upper right-hand corner, and you’re ready to go. However, how do you get that text to appear in the center of your bio?

Before you are done with the text box, you will want to include spaces on the left-hand side of each row of text that you want to place in the center. If you aren’t working with a lot of text, then adding approximately nine spaces to the left of each row is going to put your text near the center of the screen on most smartphones.

Depending on whether your sentences are longer or shorter, you will want to add more or less space. The only problem here is that Instagram usually insists on placing the first line of your bio to the left. This means that your bio will look like this:

Instagram Bio
Instagram Bio

You will end up with your text looking like the above example. Of course, nobody wants this. Also, inserting blank lines isn’t going to trick Instagram; the only way to get your first line in the center like the rest of your text is to use a non-binding space.

These spaces are coded in a different way in HTML and aren’t going to let you bypass that first-line glitch in Instagram’s coding.

How to Use Nonbinding Spaces

Below, we will include non-binding spaces that you can then cut and paste to your text box to use them for centering.

[                                     ]

With editing like this, you might find it easier to do from your desktop, because being able to use the cut and paste function is easier when you’re doing it on a keyboard. If you use the non-binding spaces above, your bio will look like this:

Instagram Bio

So, as you can see, we’ve sorted out the first line. However, now the last sentence has wrapped around again, and the entire thing looks off.

Understanding Text Length

If you have multiple sentences that are different lengths, then you will need to offset your centering so that they come out equal. To do so, go back into the text box, and remove and add spaces from various lines so that the sentences don’t end up wrapping around your screen.

Instead, they should be evenly spaced out along the midpoint of your screen. Play around with this for a little bit and you’ll quickly see how it works.

Instagram Bio

Other Types of Instagram Bio Effects

The good news is, centering a bio is not the only type of text formatting you can use to help it stand out from the crowd. You can also stagger your bio, by increasing the indents on each new line. Check out the example below:

Instagram Bio Effects
Instagram Bio Effects
Instagram Bio Effects

Ultimately, you have to think about what your followers and potential followers want to take away from visiting your profile and checking out your bio. You will want to think about how you want your bio to be read, and what information you would like them to see first.

When You Shouldn’t Center Your Bio

Just because centering your bio is a relatively new feature doesn’t mean that you should jump to try it straight away. In fact, there are some instances where we think your profile is going to look better by not having a centered bio.

  • Lack of Character Space: If you have a lot to say on your bio, then you won’t want to take any of the character limit up with indentations.
  • Poor View from Desktop: Unfortunately, having a centered bio doesn’t translate as well if you are looking at Instagram from a computer. The good news is that most people will be checking it on their phones, so for the most part you will be safe.
  • Centered Bios Break up the Text: If your bio includes a number of short sentences, then this isn’t going to be an issue. However, if you prefer to stick to longer sentences, then this is going to break up the text, and make it look awkward.

Final Thoughts

Staggering or centering your bio on Instagram can really make a difference to how your profile is perceived visually.

Whether you are looking to make a statement with your contact information, or you’re just trying to make your bio look a bit more interesting, staggering or centering your text on Instagram is easier than you might think.

At the end of the day, Instagram is pretty competitive and it’s getting more and more competitive by the day. Giving yourself an edge over the competition is your best bet at getting noticed and expanding your Instagram’s reach. Good luck!