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How to Contact Instagram

One of the biggest downsides to Instagram is that it doesn’t come with a customer service number, and they no longer offer their users email support.

This means that if you want to report something to Instagram, you need to go through the Help Center page through your computer, or you can also use an option that is available for mobile. However, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee a response.

Let’s take a look at your available options for getting in touch with Instagram.

Report Something Through Desktop

Instagram Help Center
  • Select ‘privacy and safety center’. You will see this option on the left hand side of your screen.
Privacy and Safety Center
  • Select ‘report something’. This is the option that you will see at the bottom of your screen to the left.
report something
  • Select a category. There are many different categories to choose from:
    Hacked Accounts: choose this option if you think that your account has been hacked.
    Impersonation Accounts: choose this option if you think that someone on Instagram is trying to impersonate you.
    Underage Child: choose this option if you think that you have found an account that is being used by someone who is under the age of 13.
    Hate Accounts: choose this option to report what you think might be hate speech.
    Private Information Exposed: choose this option if you think that someone is exposing someone else’s private information. This could be their phone number or their home address.
    Self-Injury: choose this option if you think that someone is at risk of harming themselves, or is currently doing so.
    Abuse and Spam: choose this option if you think that someone is being abusive, spammy, or is harassing people.
    Exploitation: choose this option if you think that you have found a profile that could be associated with human trafficking.
    Other Reports: choose this option if you don’t see the reason why you want to get in touch with Instagram on this list.
Select a category
  • Answer the questions that follow your choice. Depending on the problem that you have, you will be asked to answer a few questions, as well as navigate a couple of drop down menus. You might also be asked to fill out a form. When filling out a form, making sure that you keep your words clear and brief. Provide as many details as you can about the issue, and explain why the action you are reporting goes against Instagram’s terms and conditions.
    Hacked Accounts: under the ‘hacked accounts’ section you will see an number of different links to choose from. Choose one of them, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
    Impersonation Accounts: Choose one of the links below this option, then follow the subsequent instructions.
    Underage Children: select the option that says ‘how do it report’ and fill out the form that comes up. Then enter the appropriate details, and select ‘send’.
    Hate Accounts: select ‘reporting harassment’  and then select ‘report it’ and fill out the form before pressing ‘send’.
    Exposed Private Information: select the ‘report to us’ option, fill out the relevant form, and then select ‘send’.
    Self-Injury: Select the right link under this heading, then select the ‘report’ option if you see it. Fill out the right form, and then send it.
    Abuse and Spam: Choose the link under this heading that is relevant to your issue, then select ‘report’, fill out the form, then send it.
    Exploitation: Choose a link below this heading, which will then take you to a section where you can view resources to reporting human trafficking.
    Other Kinds of Issues: Select a link that you see on the page that relates to your issue the most, then select ‘report’, ‘contact’, ‘let us know’ or ‘fill out’. Fill out the form that comes up, and then send it.
  • Be patient when waiting for the problem to be solved. There is a good chance that you aren’t going to hear back from Instagram, but they will take your feedback on board. If you don’t think that the issue has been resolved after one week of waiting, then try to report it again, or choose a different topic to report your issue through.

Through Mobile

  • Open the Instagram app. If you aren’t already logged in, then you will need to do so.
Open Instagram
  • Select the icon of the person that you will see on your screen. This is at the bottom of the screen to the very right. You also have the option of clicking on your profile picture. This is going to take you to your profile page.
profile icon
  • Select the gear icon if you are using an iPhone, and the three dots that are vertical if you are on Android. These icons will be at the top of your page to the right. This is going to take you to Instagram settings page.
gear icon
  • Go all the way down to the bottom of the page, and then select ‘report a problem’. You will find this near the section that is titled ‘support’.
Report a Problem
  • Select an option. You can select from ‘spam or abuse’, ‘something isn’t working’ and ‘general feedback’.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. If you are here to report spam or abuse, you will be taken to the help center. If you are reporting that something isn’t working, then you will need to fill out a report, then select ‘send’ or the tick mark. If you are trying to send through general feedback, then enter your message, then hit the send button.
following the instructions

Reporting Someone’s Post

  • Open Instagram. If you aren’t already logged in, then you will need to do so.
Open Instagram
  • Select the post that you find inappropriate. When you open your Instagram profile, you will see posts that you can interact with on your feed. You can also look for the post that you find in appropriate in the search bar at the opt of your screen.
search bar
  • Select the icon that is the three dots lined up vertically above the post. This is going to display a menu in the center of your screen that comes up.
  • Select ‘report’. This will be in the menu that has pooped up.
Tap Report
  • Select ‘it’s inappropriate’ or ‘it’s spam’. If the post that you are trying to report contains violence, abuse or porn, then you can report it as inappropriate. If it is trying to sell something or it is repetitive, then it’s spam. This is going to report the post. You can’t report ads to Instagram as spam.
Tap It's spam or It's inappropriate

Problem Solving

  • Block annoying or abusive users. If you are being harassed by an Instagram user, then the best way to avoid them is to block their account. You can also report them in the Instagram Help Center if they are threatening you.
Instagram Help Center
  • Change your password regularly. To avoid getting your account hacked by someone, we suggest that you change your password every few months. Even twice a year is good.
Change your password
  • Think about making your account private. If there are people out there on Instagram who you don’t want to see your profile, you can always set it to private. This means that anyone who isn’t currently following you won’t be able to view your content until you’ve accepted their follow request. Open your Instagram profile, and select the profile icon. Select the gear icon for iPhone, and the three dots for Android. Select the ‘private account’ option. If asked, select ‘yes’.
account private
  • Get rid of your Instagram account for a while. You do have the option of disabling your Instagram account temporarily. The good news is that you can reactivate it whenever you want by simply signing back in.
disabling your Instagram account