How to Delete Instagram Messages

How to Delete Instagram Messages

Sometimes, you need a fresh start. This can sometimes mean clearing out your direct messages on Instagram. In this article, we’re going to talk to you about how you can delete Instagram messages.

How to Delete Messages on Instagram

The first step to deleting Instagram messages is to open the Instagram app. If you haven’t logged in already, you will need to do so now.

Instagram app

You will see your timeline, home screen, and all the icons at the bottom of the page. Next, swipe left. Here, you’re able to access all of your Instagram messages.


If you open up a chat with a particular person, you will notice that it isn’t possible to delete Instagram messages.

However, you can take back some of the messages that you have sent. All you need to do is press down on the message or image that you want to unsend, until you see the choice to either copy or unsend.


Select ‘unsend’, and confirm the next message, and the message will be taken away from your chat. This is one way that you can delete Instagram messages manually.

However, you also have the option of deleting entire chats with someone. Choose a conversation that you want to delete, and then swipe left.

swipe left

You will now see three options on your screen: ‘unread’, ‘general’, and ‘more’. Select ‘more’, which will give you the option to delete, mute, or flag the chat. Select ‘delete’.


The app is going to then ask you again if you want to delete the entire conversation. Once you’ve deleted it, this is going to remove the conversation from your inbox. This means that the other person will still be able to see those messages. Select ‘delete’ again, and the conversation will get deleted from your messages.

If you look for that person again, there will be no existing message history with them. This is great if you want to clear out some messages you don’t want to look at them anymore, or you want a fresh start with that person.

Another reason why this is helpful is that a lot of the time messages can take up space in your app, so clearing old messages that you don’t need anymore can give you more space.

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