How to Log Out of Instagram

How to Log Out of Instagram

Let’s take a look at how to log out of your Instagram account, using a couple of methods.

For Mobile

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
Instagram app
  • Select the profile icon. This will look like the outline of a person. If you’ve got more than one Instagram account, then you will select your profile picture at the bottom of your screen to the right.
profile icon
  • Select the three horizontal bars at the top of your screen to the right.
horizontal bars
  • Open the settings menu. This will be the gear icon, or if you’re on Android, it will be at the bottom of the menu.
gear icon
  • Go all the way down and select ‘log out’. This will be the last option on the menu. If you have more than one account logged in at the same time, you will see ‘log out of’ and then the username of one profile. You will also see ‘log out of all accounts’. You will want to select this option.
log out
  • Select ‘not now’ or ‘remember’. When asked, select a password option. Selecting ‘remember’ is going to let you log back into your Instagram profile without having to put in your password. If you choose ‘not now’, your phone won’t remember your login information, and you will have to enter your password.
Tap Remember
  • Select ‘log out’ when asked. This is going to log you out of the Instagram app. For Android, you will find ‘log out’ at the bottom of your screen to the right.
Tap Log Out
  • Remember your login information. If you want to prevent Instagram from logging back into your account without your login information, then select ‘remove’ right underneath the ‘log in’ button. If you have more than one account saved, then select ‘manage accounts’ below your accounts’ list, and select ‘x’ to the right of the account. Select ‘remove’ when asked.
Remove your login info

For Desktop

  • Open Instagram in your web browser.
Open Instagram
  • Select your profile icon. This is the silhouette of a person at the top of your page to the right.
Click your profile icon
  • Select the settings gears. This will be at the top of your page to the right. A pop-up menu will come up.
Click the Settings gear
  • Select ‘log out’. This will be in the center of the menu that has come out. You will immediately be logged out of Instagram. Instagram might remember your password and username, especially if you haven’t cleared your browser’s history.
Click Log Out