Spotlight On: Paula Patton’s Instagram

Let’s Check Out Paula Patton’s Instagram

If you’re not too sure who Paula Patton is, you can find her in the hit ‘Hitch’. Since then, she has continued to do really well with her acting career, but in 2014 she made headlines because she and her husband of 9 years, Robin Thicke, were getting a divorce. However, since the split, she has managed to stay really positive, and she now has more than 300,000 Instagram followers.

So, what can you expect when you see Paula’s Instagram? You can expect inspiring, positive moments, as well as red carpet events. Let’s do a deep dive!

She Has Lots of Smiley Photos

Paula Patton believes that smiling and being positive are important, as you can see in the post she has put up below.

Paula Patton

She looks really happy and relaxed in this image. The next one is her walking down the street – smiling, of course.

Paula Patton

She is always including an inspirational quote in her captions that is positive and upbeat. Next up is a close up of her beautiful smile that is nothing short of contagious.

Paula Patton

However, Paula Patton doesn’t just include smiley-faced photos on her Instagram. We will show you what we mean in the next section.

You’ve Got Inspirational Quotes Too

Sometimes, Paula goes beyond her captions to include inspirational quotes in her photos as well.

Inspirational Quotes

In this photo, she talks about the greatest gift she has ever received is forgiveness. We love to know that she is super happy during the holiday season.

Another time that Paula was super optimistic on Instagram was in the post below.

Inspirational Quotes

She also likes to include quotes on her Instagram profiles from books that she loves. The post below is a quote from a book called The Quiet Mind. First, she showed an image of the cover, then she showed a quote or two from the book itself.

Inspirational Quotes

She posts these kinds of images without a caption. Honestly, we think that the image does the talking. She also shared this one, too:

Inspirational Quotes

With posts like this, she keeps her captions nice and simple. The thing about Instagram is that it can be a dark, harsh place sometimes. Paula tries to combat this on a daily basis with her inspirational captions and posts.

She Includes Red Carpet Snaps

She loves being uplifting online, but at the end of the day she’s still a huge star and super famous actress. This is why when she’s not quoting uplifting books on Insta, she can be found on the red carpet.

She always remembers to include a glam pic of herself on the carpet, like in the post below:

Paula Patton

She also likes to include a bit of information about the movie that she is in, so that her audience can make the connection. She even likes to throw back sometimes, and include red carpet pics of her from back in the day, like this one when she was pregnant with Robin Thicke’s son:

Paula Patton

Check out this super glam one which is another throwback:

Paula Patton

Final Thoughts

Paula Patton isn’t like every other celebrity out there on Instagram. She doesn’t just show photos of herself on the red carpet, she likes to share inspirational quotes with her fans. Now we know why she is so popular and so well received.

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