Spotlight On: Post Malone’s Instagram

Let’s Check Out Post Malone’s Instagram

Post Malone – you’ve probably heard of him at this point. He is a singer and rapper who has been around in the music industry since 2015. He got his start on SoundCloud, and ever since then he has gone from strength to strength, with more than 18 million followers on Insta.

Let’s break down his Instagram, and some of the posts that have done really well.

He Has Unique Outfits and Wild Style

Post Malone is not only known for his music – he is known for his outfits. Here’s a great example below – he loves pairing odd patterns and colours together to make one interesting outfit.

Post Malone

This is another example of his crazy outfit ideas, one that he wore in the Netherlands.

Post Malone

Who else could pull off this kind of look? However, he doesn’t always just stick to casual. Sometimes, he cleans up a little bit for his performances, like the example below.

Post Malone

Check out those bright yellow pants!

His style has even been recognized by some of the biggest and the best, including Vogue. They got in touch with him, and he did a spread, one which you can see below.

Post Malone

We think that social media is a great place for Post to connect to his fans, and show off his unique dress sense.

He Includes His Famous Friends

Post doesn’t just put up photos of his outfits. He also likes to show off his friends – his famous ones, that is. Here’s a photo of him with Justin Bieber.

Post Malone with Justin Bieber

He also has been snapped with Demi Lovato.

Post Malone with Demi Lovato

Sometimes when Post runs into people he considers himself a big fan of, he can’t help but share the moment with his followers. Like when he ran into Gwen Stefani.

Post Malone with Gwen Stefani

He has also shared a post of himself posing with Method Man.

Post Malone with Method Man

It’s not just music stars that Post likes to upload about. Here’s one of him with Rivers Cuomo and Andy Dick.

Post Malone with Rivers Cuomo and Andy Dick

Perhaps the most random celebrity pic Post has uploaded to his feed is the one he took with Guy Fieri.

Post Malone with Guy Fieri

What made it so wild and interesting was that he didn’t even include a caption.

He Also Puts up Lots of Close-Ups

If you’re someone who would love to get up close and personal with Post, you might want to spend a bit more time on his feed. He likes to post up-close photos of himself quite a bit.

Post Malone

Here is another example of a close-up – peeping over his sunglasses.

Post Malone

Have you ever wanted to see a close-up of all of his face tattoos? Well, now’s your chance.

Post Malone

He Includes Images that Show a Glamourous Life

Post isn’t shy about the fact that he has a pretty glamourous life. Take this image, for example.

Post Malone

Here you can see Post performing in front of thousands of fans. This was taken during Lollapalooza. What about when he was able to hold a baby tiger, like in the pic below?

He didn’t share where he was able to, but we definitely think that being a Rockstar made it slightly easier to arrange it.

He also seems to love other animals as well, as you can see from the pics below. Here he met a giraffe, and got up close and personal with a cheetah.

Lastly, he loves to share about his accomplishments, like when he won a Billboard Music Award.

Post Malone

Final Thoughts

Post Malone loves to share a passion for fashion on his Instagram feed, and he also loves to get intimate with his fans as he shares up-close photos of his face. He also includes a lot of photos of himself with famous friends, and what his life is really like as a famous Rockstar. If you’re hoping to gain a following one day like Post’s why not recruit the help of Task Ant? We can help you go from zero to hero.