This is How You Switch Off Your Instagram Online Status

This is How You Switch Off Your Instagram Online Status

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks and not only for looking at content; it’s also one of the top messenger platforms and allows for easy sharing of content between users which is of great benefit to many brands and businesses out there. 

Like other messenger apps, including Facebook, you’ll be able to see when your friends or followers are online and when they are active on the app, as well as when their last login was.

When you’re online, you’ll have a small green dot that marks your online status next to your username on your profile photo icon.

Who can see your online status? 

online status

It only applies to those that have already chatted with you on Instagram DMs. if you’re already had some exchanges with people on Instagram DMs, you’ll be able to see the online status in addition to other details like when they logged in last and when they’re typing to you in real time.  

Do you really want people to be able to see when you’re online and active on Instagram? We’re going to explain why you just might want people to see your active status as well as how you can turn it off so that people don’t see it anymore. 

Let’s take a look. 

How Instagram Online Benefits You 

The whole idea of the “online now” icons on social media is to help make chatting and conversation easier and more convenient on the app. If you see that someone is online, you’ll be more likely to say hello and strike up a conversation. 

This means that people will have more conversations in real time as well as give you control of who sees you and how visible you are on social media. Some people enjoy knowing when their friends are online, and some don’t. 

Instagram also has these status icons so that more people stay on the app longer and continue to chat with their friends. It’s just like Facebook messenger— you can share photos, videos, and make video calls all from within the app, and when you are online people are more likely to reach out to you. 

It’s also beneficial for those that want to have a higher visibility level on Instagram in the sense that it shows you are active and connecting and available. An additional benefit of Instagram messenger is that you can now send group DMs, allowing you to reach multiple people at once. 

This is perfect for those looking to make a quick announcement or introduce a new event, or launch a new product. The possibilities are endless when you want to reach more than one follower, or even if you just want to share some memes in a friend group. 

How to Turn Off Your Instagram Online Status 

If you don’t like the idea of people seeing when you’re online on Instagram, you may want to switch off the Instagram online status. Not everyone likes people knowing how much time they spend on the app. 

When you want to turn off the Instagram online status, it’s a very simple process: 

  • Open the IG app and click on the three horizontal line icon at the top right of the app 
  • Touch the settings and scroll down until you see Activity status 
  • Tap there and it will take you to the activity status menu 
  • You’ll see a switch on the right side of the screen with text that says show activity status 
  • Tap the switch so that it turns off, at which point it will then appear gray. If it’s on and active, it will appear blue. 
Activity status

And that’s it! You’ve effectively hidden your Instagram online status. Keep in mind that when you turn off your status, you won’t be able to see when other IG users are online. 

Pro Tip: Visibility on Instagram 

This is How You Switch Off Your Instagram Online Status

The Instagram online status feature is just one of the ways that you can stay visible on Instagram. When people see your stories or are looking at your page and see that you are online, they know that you’re an active member of the community. 

How else can people know whether or not you play an active role on Instagram? These are some of the most common ways that you can stay visible on Instagram and make sure people feel your presence. 

These are the best things for active visibility on Instagram: 

  • Hashtags: when you post content with hashtags your content will appear in hashtag feeds on Instagram, allowing more users to discover and enjoy your content. If you want to appear very active on Instagram and get your content seen by more people, use Task Ant to help you find the right hashtags in your niche and organize them into sets for easy posting and analytics. 
  • Instagram stories: Instagram stories is a feature that allows users to share short videos with their followers or users on the platform for 24 hours, after which they disappear. When you have an active IG story people know that you’re an active user of Instagram because these stories are always recent. 
  • Posting consistently: Stay consistent with your content and people will know you use Instagram often. If your last post was from 6 months ago, people will probably think you’re not online much. 
  • Responding to likes and comments: if you get a comment or a like, respond to it right away. This makes your followers feel valued and seen and will also show them that you are online and responsive to your followers. The same goes for DM messages and other interactions on Instagram like being tagged in a post or story. 
  • Interacting with other users: finally, the more that you interact with other users on Instagram, the more they’ll know you’re active. You can like their content, send them messages, comment on posts, and more. 

Final Thoughts: How to Turn Off Your Instagram Online Status 

Is it a good idea to switch off your Instagram online status? If you want people to know when you’re online and available to be contacted, you may not want to turn this off because people will thing that you’re never online. You’ll have to decide what works for you. 

Some people will contact you regardless of the green dot status on your profile icon. In any case, you should decide on what makes the most sense for your own profile and whether or not you want that added element of visibility. 

If you want people to know when you’re online, keep it. If you want some privacy and don’t want people knowing when you’re scrolling through Instagram, you can always turn it off. You can also test it out and see if there’s an impact one way or the other. 

Ultimately, the green online Instagram status icon isn’t the only way for people to know you’re on Instagram. Posting content with hashtags regularly, commenting and liking content, interacting with followers and responding to messages all show that you’re an active player on Instagram. 

Do what’s best for you!