How to Become an Instagram Baddie

How to Become an Instagram Baddie

Right now, society has a lot of importance placed on what you look like on the outside. This is being fueled by the rise in social media. As a result, terms like ‘baddie’ have been created.

In fact, being an Instagram baddie is trending right now. Individuals like this are considered to have the perfect blend of badass and class. We’ve come up with a few tips of what we think it takes to become an Instagram baddie.

We’ve also included a few Instagram baddie accounts that we think you should check out.

What is an Instagram Baddie?

An Instagram baddie is a woman on Instagram who always looks her best. She’s always wearing what’s trending, but what’s interesting about an Instagram baddie is that they tend to do their own makeup.

They are known for having the best brows, and they are knowing for being able to take the best photos, and always look really good. The biggest thing about an Instagram Betty is that they look confident all the time.

An Instagram baddie is usually an influencer. Businesses and brands collaborate with them to market things, including shoes, clothing, and makeup. Baddies that have a good following can make a nice living out of it. You can see this as a potential business venture.

How to Become an Instagram Baddie

Instagram baddies make it a point to flaunt what they’ve got. This is why if you want to look the part, you’ve got to choose outfits that are going to accentuate your businesses.

A good example of this is wearing a combination of high waisted skinny jeans, and a bodysuit. Another example is to wear fake fur and tight dresses.

If you can afford designer shoes and a bag, then you will get extra points.

You Makeup Needs to be Really Good

If you’re going to dress the part, and become known for being an Instagram baddie, then you need to also look the part. Instagram baddies almost every time have makeup on in their photos.

We recommend that you make sure your eyebrows are always on point, you’ve got sharp eyeliner, and that you overline your lipstick. This way, your lips look nice and full.

With this in mind, let’s talk about a few basics when it comes to your makeup.

  • Face Oil: One of the best ways to prep your skin before applying your makeup is to use face oil. Apply face oil for a silky-smooth application. This beauty item is going to help you blend your foundation easier, so that it results in a healthy glow.
  • Foundation: We don’t suggest that you go down to your nearest drugstore to find your perfect shade of foundation. Make sure that you are using a high-quality product. It needs to provide a radiant glow, while keeping your oil levels down.
  • Contouring: It’s hard to imagine an Instagram baddie out there that doesn’t contour their face. The majority of baddies use cream contouring sticks. This is going to help you achieve the perfect shape when it comes to your cheekbones.
  • Eyebrows: As we mentioned earlier, you’ve got to get your eyebrows on point. To do this, you’ve got to have the right tools. There are plenty of brands out there that offer an extensive range of brow tools.
  • Highlighter: As well as foundation and face oil, you’ve also got to remember highlighter for that finished glow. Using highlighter at the end of your makeup routine is going to help your makeup shine, and the best part is it will blend in with your skin beautifully.
  • Eyeliner: We also recommend applying eyeliner for a thick, black, stand-out line. You need to have control and precision, and eyes that are always looking on point.
  • Lipstick: We think that lipstick in general is important, but we also think that having a nude lipstick is essential. An Instagram baddie usually uses a brown, plum, or nude lipstick shade. Don’t forget to overline your lips.

Stay in Shape

An Instagram baddie has a thick butt and toned abs. If you want to maintain luscious curves, you need to work out regularly. Jump on the bandwagon, and sign up for your local gym.

Take Good Photos

Remember, Instagram is best known for being a visual platform. This means that if you want to do really well being an Instagram baddie, you’ve got to serve up high-quality photos to your audience.

So, how do you take photos like an Instagram baddie? Well, the first thing you need to learn is how to accentuate your butt. Make sure that you push your booty out as much as you can. This is going to give the illusion that you have a big derriere.

Make sure that you’ve overlined those lips. As well as overlining lipstick, you also need to pout. Doing this is going to make your lips look fuller. Lastly, you need to have a good photo editing app.

With Instagram, you can play around with basic tools, such as contrast and brightness. However, we also suggest that you use other applications to include filters. This is going to make your photos pop and help them stand out from the rest.

Be Confident

The thing about Instagram baddies that make them so popular is that they are exuding a lot of confidence. This is why it’s so important to learn how to love yourself.

In fact, you’ve got to learn how to love yourself despite your flaws. Make them work for you and stay confident.

The Best Instagram Baddie Accounts

There is no better platform on the Internet to find photos that have been perfectly curated. This is why Instagram baddies everywhere on Instagram and use it to reach a wider audience.

We know that that we have all been guilty at one point or another of stalking an Instagram baddie. This isn’t because we want to make ourselves feel bad, it’s because we want to get inspiration.

Here are a few Instagram baddie accounts that we think that you need to check out. Hopefully you will get a lot of good ideas for your next Instagram post.

Nadia White

Nadia White is a well-known fitness model. She likes to show off her curves on her Instagram feed.

She currently has more than 400,000 Instagram followers.

Anna Nystrom

Anna Nystrom is an Instagram baddie and influencer. She is a 21-year-old model, and she shares about fitness and everything to do with fashion. She has more than 7 million Instagram followers.

She posts selfies just like everyone else, but she also posts workout videos. She encourages her audience to try her workouts through her online app. She also shares fashion tips for anyone who is hoping to copy her style. This way, she has a really good rapport with her audience.

Janice Joostema

If you are looking for some inspiration right now for Instagram, then you need to check out Janice Joostema. This Instagram baddie has a lot to offer her 1.3 million followers. Her makeup is always on point, and she always makes sure to include a glow that wows her audience.

The good news is that her feed isn’t just made up of selfies. She shares insights into her travels, too.

Lydia Barakat

Lydia also has 1.3 million followers, and she is known for being a fashion model and fitness guru. Not only does she post selfies, but she also includes her child in her Instagram feed from time-to-time.

She is not only a good mom, but she is a badass girl boss. You will be able to gain a lot of inspiration from going through her feed. Her account is definitely one that’s worth looking out for.

Final Thoughts

Of course, the life of an Instagram baddie might look perfect to you. They’ve got great makeup, great hair, great skin, and their body is on point.

Being an Instagram baddie can’t be the only route to success on Instagram, however. There are plenty of ways out there that don’t involve pretending to have a perfect life.

If you are struggling with your Instagram growth right now and need a bit of help, make the most of our services here at Task Ant.

We can help you figure out those hashtags, and we can also help you draw inspiration from other accounts out there. Good luck!